Humane Rigging

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With approximately 6 hours of information-packed video, Nathan’s friendly and humorous style of teaching will provide viewers with a solid education in designing and building user-friendly rigs in Blender 2.6. The viewer will come away not with mere step-by-step knowledge of how to build specific rigs, but rather will gain a solid conceptual background in Blender rigging tools and how to exploit them to build and design their own rigs. Emphasis is placed on designing rigs that are friendly for animators.


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DVD Contents:

  • All of the blend files, before and after rigging.


  • Philosophy of Rigging
  • Brief overview of Blender rigging tools

Chapter 1, 2D Bouncy Ball:

  • Axis locking
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Introduction to constraints
  • Introduction to drivers
  • Armatures
  • Custom bone shapes

Chapter 2, Mr. Squeegee Feet:

  • Rigging in parts
  • Rigging for requirements
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Control alignment
  • Organizing with armature layers
  • Simple IK legs
  • Simple feet
  • Eye balls
  • Root bone

Chapter 3, 3D Bouncy Ball:

  • 3D rotation concepts
  • Axis-angle rotations
  • Euler rotations
  • Quaternion rotations
  • Drivers types
  • Custom bone shapes in false places
  • Constraint spaces

Chapter 4, Mr. Hotdog:

  • Action constraints
  • Advanced constraint usage
  • Advanced inverse kinematics
  • IK/FK switch
  • Switchable parent-child relationships
  • Isolating control rotation
  • Custom properties
  • Modifier basics
  • Armature deform basics
  • Advanced control alignment
  • Building your own custom bone shapes
  • Spine precursor
  • Eye ball improvements
  • IK/FK arm
  • Fingers

Chapter 5, Mr. Biped:

  • Advanced spine rig
  • Head/neck rig
  • Foot roll
  • Palm curl
  • Improved finger rig
  • Shoulders
  • Bone groups / Control coloration

Chapter 6, Character Linking:

  • Library linking
  • Object groups
  • Blender proxy system
  • Setting up rigs to be used in multiple scenes


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  1. Ton Roosendaal

    Shameless plug – but this is actually a great training! Check the teaser video in the product description.

  2. johan.rautio

    Fantastic! Can’t recommend it enough, this is a great introduction to rigging and animating.
    Very well explained, and provides great insights into what you need to be mindful of to avoid pitfalls and redundant workloads.

    Hope they will make a followup with rigging more advanced multi limb characters etc.

  3. Shaun

    This is absolutely brilliant. I thought I was okay rigging humans from that YouTube vid with the posh chap that pretty much every amateur animator uses.

    Turns out I’ve been doing about ten times more work than I needed to. I’ve learnt so much and it’s a pretty entertaining watch to boot (except the video on Euler Vs Quaternion rotations, but even that’s short and an effort is made to make a dry subject more fun. I came away with an understanding of the topic and why each one is important too).

    I was wary of getting this given that it was announced in 2012 and I have no idea how much blender has changed since then, but not a single instruction failed to work.

    Awesome training.

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