Cosmos Laundromat Blu-ray Disc

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Get everything from the 12 minutes Pilot of Cosmos Laundromat, the exciting open movie project from Blender Foundation! This project is also available on Blender Cloud.


This dual disc (50 GB + 25 GB) blu-ray box will work for your (video) bluray player to watch on TV as well as in your computer as data disc. It has a regular video menu to play the film itself and several extras.

Used in a computer drive you can access all of the extras including:

  • The original HD and 2k version of the 12 minutes film
  • Documentary material, timelapse videos and a lot of tutorials from the entire team
  • All of the production files used to make the film (.blend, textures, sims)
  • The Blender “gooseberry” branch binary, and the Blender 2.76 version.
  • Bluray only: 32 GB of final renders in 2048 x 858 PNG.

Product in stock, shipped per 19 October to all pre-orders.

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