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For the Blender 2.8 project – with focus on workflow and an advanced new viewport system – a lot of complicated architectural changes are being added. Since 2016, this development happened mostly using online channels. However, for more complex discussions on software design and similar development details progress often was too slow.
To prevent the 2.8 project to drag on another year – and to lose the exciting momentum for it – the Blender Foundation and the Blender Institute will combine their efforts to invite the core 2.8 developers to come working in Amsterdam for 3 months this spring. They will be working in the Blender Institute along with a group of artists who are using Blender 2.8 to produce a short film. That ensures we can tackle practical issues with enough attention, with time to include feedback on UI design and usability. At least one of the permanent seats in the team will be for a designer to help with this.
We welcome sponsors to make this amazing event possible!
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